Road Safety

Commissioners Address Road Safety Issues


The Board of County Commissioners would like to remind Washington County crop producers of the road standards with regard to sight lines. As the time is approaching to begin spring planting the Board of County Commissioners wants to advise all crop producers that safe travel on county roads is a top priority. Please remember that for crops which grow three feet or higher, the triangle of 75-feet from the intersecting section line must be clear of visual obstruction. The road standards identify this triangle as “the line of sight is established by measuring form the recognized section line intersection down along each section line to a point which is a distance of 75 feet from the intersection. A diagonal line that would connect each measured 75 foot point from one section line to an adjacent section line must remain clear of crop production which is three feet or higher.

Road Safety

The above drawing is of a typical crossroad intersection, the lighter color indicates where the crops above 3’ high or more must not be planted.

Safety to all citizens of Washington County is of the utmost importance to the Board of County Commissioners. ANY ROW CROPS NOT MEETING THIS STANDARD WILL BE MOWED OFF BEGINNING THE WEEK OF AUGUST 1ST. If you have any questions to the above referenced standard please contact your local road supervisor or call the commissioner’s office at (970)345-2701.

Irrigation is in Full Swing

Please remember that is is dangerous to allow streams of water to shoot into the roadways.

According to State of Colorado Revised Statutes Title 43 Transportation 43-5-303:

No person or persons shall repeatedly, willingly or negliently cause or allow water to flow, fall or sprinkle from any ditch, lateral, canal, waste ditch, reservoir, pond, drain, flume or agricultural crop sprinkler system upon any public road or highway so as to damage the same or to cause a hazard to vehicular traffic.

It is imperative that end guns are turned off as the pivot nears the roadway.  Drivers will not be anticipating muddy or slick conditions or a sudden burst of water that may inhibit visibility.