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An Act of the Colorado General Assembly created Washington County, named for George Washington, on February 9th, 1887. Washington County ranks 12th largest of the 64 Colorado counties with a total of 2524 square miles.  The 2015 population was 4,814 averaging over 320 acres for every man, woman and child.  There are 5 school districts in Washco: Akron, Arickaree, Lone Star, Otis and Woodlin.  Most of the land is dedicated to farming and ranching.  The county is the second highest of all of the Colorado counties in wheat production.  Akron is the county seat and the southernmost part of the county is the ‘high point’ on the great plains between Denver, Colorado and Akron, Ohio with Fremont's Butte and Rocking Chair being familiar landmarks to the locals.   Washco is a perfect place to relax, rejuvenate, and captures the honesty and determination of rural people and their families... Read more...



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June 25, 2024 Election Results


Colorado Washington County



Election Information: June 25, 2024


Please be advised that the following candidate has been disqualified from the June 25,2024, Primary Election:

Office Candidate and Party

State House - District 63 Charles Alvarado, Democrat

Under section 1-4-1001, C.R.S., any votes cast for the candidates listed above "are invalid and shall not count."



June 2024 Sample Ballots


Democratic Republican CD4



June 25, 2024 Election Notice and Information


Notice of Election Information and Dates Unaffiliated Voters Notice 



Eastern Colorado Roundup Date


The Eastern Colorado Roundup in Washington County has been scheduled to be held from Monday July 22 - Saturday July 27th in 2024. Sunday July 28th will have a free breakfast at 9:30 am, worship service at 10:30 am in the Event Center, and the rest of the day will be clean-up.

Stay tuned to the Eastern Colorado Roundup Facebook page, or the ECR website for more information as the year proceeds forward.


Report Road Issues Contacts



Washington County Commissioners and the three county road supervisors have received a lot of
comment and input on county road issues this winter, as we should. There have been many phone calls
and messages relayed to the road supervisors. With all this in mind, we have an idea to simplify or
streamline some of this communication. Our county IT department has added three dedicated email
addresses for county residents to report issues; and the real easy part is you can text your road report
directly from your cell phone to the email.

It's just this easy. Take a photo of the road issue and send it with the road location (on County Road ??,
about ¼ mile east of County Road ??). Add a brief description of the road damage/issue if the photo
does not totally capture the necessary information. If you have a suggestion of how to remedy a specific
issue, please add that, too.

The road supervisors will be able to evaluate and prioritize the issues; and then schedule the necessary
repairs and materials in their work flow.

Text to Report Road Issues to their respective Road Districts:




For any road emergency issues, please continue to call the road supervisors directly or the Washington
County Commissioner Office at 970-345-2701

Road District 1: Byron Rogers 970-466-0137

Road District 2: Dylan Smith 970-554-1039

Road District 3: Steve Williams 970-554-0680






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