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Zoning Official - Tammy Leonard

Second Floor Courthouse
150 Ash Avenue
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The Washington County Land Use Office administers the permits for the unincorporated portion of the County for buildings and structures as well as changes in land use.  Regular meeting time is the third Monday in the month at 7:00 p.m. in the old courtroom at the courthouse. (Date is subject to change.)

Board Members  
Jeremy Shook  
Allen Hussey  
JoNell Mollohan  
Deanna L. Schrock  
Joe Wagner  
Rodney Palser  
Fred Raish  
Kate Kenney  
Riley Strand  
Gisele Jefferson (ex officio)
Kent Vance (ex officio)
Lea Ann Laybourn (ex officio)


Building Permits are Required For



Land Use Applications

Land Use applications go to the Planning Commission for approval before they are approved by the Board of County Commissioners.

Washington County Marijuana Ordinance


Battery Storage Moratorium

Temporary Moratorium on Processing of Applications for Battery Energy Storage Systems

Temporary Moratorium on Processing of Applications for Transmission Lines


Wind, Solar, and Transmission Lines Applications

Wind Energy

Solar Power

Transmission Lines

Additional Forms

These are general guidelines. Always call the Commissioner’s Office at (970)345-2701 (Planning and Zoning) for specific information.

Request for Address – needed for new address either for new building or location site for 911 emergency such as pump station or electrical substation.

Road Access Permit

Road Cut / Right of Way Permit

Example of Signature Block for Mylar Only

Vacation of Roadways Petition