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Debi Cooper

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Professional Objective

The County Treasurer is a constitutional officer elected for a four-year term. The Office receives all revenues belonging to the County and proceeds with all activity required to complete the property tax collection process. The Office prepares and mails annual tax notices, delinquent tax notices, process all tax collections, annual tax lien sale, mobile home transfer/advance collections, issues distraint warrants for unpaid mobile homes, seizure and sale of delinquent personal property, tax lien sale redemptions, and issuance of Treasurer's deeds, bankruptcy cases, oil and gas collections, tax deferral and tax counseling for the elderly, and the paying agent for school district bonds.

Our Mission

The Mission of the County Treasurer is to collect all revenues on behalf of those public sector entities which use the property tax as a source of revenue. The County Treasurer functions as the County's banker: receiving, investing and disbursing moneys in accordance with applicable State statutes.

For more information please research the web at The Colorado Public Trustee's Assoc. and Colorado County Treasurer's Assoc