Washington County Landfill

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Manager - Lorie Johnson

29505 County Road DD
Akron, CO 80720
(970)345-0789 or (970)554-0522



Operational Rules and Regulations

Receiving Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM


The Washington County Landfill doesn't accept debit / credit cards

The Washington County Landfill does not accept Tires


Washington County Residents$ 25.00 per ton
Out of County Residents$ 30.00 per ton
Commercial Rate (Out of County)$ 30.00 per ton
Minimum Charge$ 25.00 per trip
Scale Charge$  3.00 each trip
Shingles$15.00 per ton
Mattresses$15.00 each + weight
Ag Bags$ 45.00 / bag
Creosote Wood Products $ 50.00 / ton
 Freon free (drained and tagged)$ 10.00 each + weight
 Freon (not drained)$ 50.00 each + weight
 Non-Freon$ 10.00 each + weight
Batteries$  5.00 each + weight
Auto (up to 16")$7.00 each + weight
Truck 16.6" to 24.5"$12.00 each + weight
Tractor/ grader 24.5" & up$30.00 each + weight
Loader and scraper$40.00 each + weight
Dismount charge$20.00 per dismount




All Loads not properly secured may be subject to Double Charge.

All Batteries &, Appliances in trash - Charged Double.

All Concrete, Metal, Lawn Mowers, Trees, Wire, Batteries and Appliances, must be sorted and placed in designated areas.

There will be a double dump charge after hours at the discretion of the Landfill Manager.


The Washington County Landfill will not accept waste on days of high winds (over 25 MPH) or during inclement weather.

There will be no trespassing allowed after hours, violators will be prosecuted.


Washington County

Washington County Landfill – 29505 CO Rd DD - Akron, Colorado 80720 - (970) 345-0789